16th European 24-hour Rogaining Championships

Photo: ERC Writing on August 26, 2020. I participated this past weekend in the 16th European 24-hour Rogaining Championships with Matti V. in Latvia. The competition was moved from June to August because of COVID-19. Interestingly, the Covid statistics in Latvia are actually better (meaning lower) than in Finland. Suzanne's excellent mask handiwork in a... Continue Reading →

Nuuksio Talvipäivä 6 hr Rogaining 2020

Photo: Tobias Jern On Saturday, March 7, 2020 I woke up early, packed my bags, and walked to Prisma, the local grocery store, to meet my friends, Jaakko, Esa, and Teemu. We all piled into Esa's station wagon just after 7.00 am to travel to Nuuksio Talvipäivä 6 hour Rogaining contest in Nuuksio National Park,... Continue Reading →

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