Jeremy Palmer’s 2022 in review

Photo: Jarmo Koskela. Nummela Backyard (Big’s Satellite) in October 2022

This year has been a year to remember (and forget?)! I got a few nasty viruses, missed my traditional 100 miler in May, had many concerns about my right hamstring, but also had a few successes along the way.

2022 Top Results

1st Kainuu Trail 55 km My first ultra win! in July
1stUrban Rogaining Porvoo 4 hourWith Lari K in November.
2ndLouna-Roga 6 hour*Solo in October.
2ndRasti Vihti Rogaining 4 hourWith Lari K in September. in September
2nd Salpaus Rogaining 12 hr With Matti V in April.
3rdNuuksion Talvipäivä Rogaining 6 hourWith Jouni N in March.
*Rogaining is usually a team sport (by the rules), but the Louna-Roga allowed solo entries.

Everything Else… by month (not including events above)

January6 – My first long solo Rogaining. Loppiaisen Rogaining 8 hour.

20 – COVID for 4 horrible weeks + 2 bad weeks
February 13 – Turku Winter Sprint Rogaining 2 hour with Lassi (and Covid)
MarchHeavy training after Covid + lots of orienteering practice
April1 – Result of MRI shows tendonitis in my right hamstring, but luckily no tears

9 – Karhuviesti with Finnish Marathon Runners (FMR)

20 – First ever treadmill / oxygen test
May6 – Bodom trail 21 km

27 – Karhunkierros 166 km. DNS because of hamstring
June4 – Night Rogaining 8 hour with Jaakko, who got sick so we stopped after 4 hours

19 – Jukolan viesti, largest orienteering event in the world
July30 – Finnish Championships, Sulkava Rogaining 24 hour with Jaakko L.
August10 – possible stress fracture due to previous Rogaining 24 hour event

12 – I became a brand ambassador for ArmaSkin, excellent socks that help prevent blisters.

26 – UTMB. Kind of a disaster but I soldiered on to the end! Leg problem before the race even started.
September 17 – Recovery from UTMB and Backyard training
October15th – Big’s Backyard Ultra Satellite, Team Finland.

22 – Turun Sanomat, Turku city newspaper published an article about me.
November13 – 19 Influenza from my kids

27 – I was selected as one of the ‘Runners of the Year’ in my club FMR.

28 – Turku Rogaining Night Spring 2 hours with Jaakko L.
December8 – 17 Weird virus for 2 weeks. Took antibiotics and anti-virals

23 – I tried skate style cross-country skiing for the first time in my life. I normally do classic/Nordic, which I think I prefer, but I am willing to try skate style again.

27 – I did 100 pull ups with Lassi. 🙂

28 – Street O 2 hour special event

My total running kilometers for 2022 were the lowest since 2016, but my overall exercise hours were okay because I did lots of gravel biking, spinning, and weights. So what about 2023? Probably two 100 miler races and two 24 hour Rogaining events.

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