Louna-Roga 6 hour in October 2022: Rogaining as a solo runner

At the finish line. Photo: Louna-Roga 2022

I am not even posting OK, I will post this report on my social media because even though the event was three weeks ago. Therefore, this is mostly a journal entry for historical reasons. I will post some photos and a link to a video (below) in which I show my race GPS track and discuss the event. This post relates to the 6 hour Rogaining event called Louna-Roga. Results and more information at this link.

Video about my 6 hour Rogaining experience as a solo runner at Louna-Roga Finland 2022. I covered over 45 kilometers of forest, swamp, and dirt road. I took second place overall.

Below is a slideshow with some photos before, during, and after the race. The slideshow also contains a photo of the map and another with my route on the map.

Planning the route

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