Sulkava 24 hours Rogaining Finnish Championships – Video Race Report

Screen shot. Video link below

My friend, Jaakko Lehto and I, Jeremy Palmer, recently participated in the Finnish Championships for 24 hour Rogaining in Sulkava, Finland on July 30-31, 2022. This was my 4th such event and Jaakko’s 1st time. In this video we discuss our experience and lessons learned. We discuss the gear we used, our nutrition plan, our mistakes, and we even view part of the actual GPS track on the competition map. Unfortunately, we forgot to tell the story about Jaakko almost ‘kissing’ a viper snake kyykäärme in the forest, so if you know Jaakko, ask him about that sometime.

This video might be most beneficial for beginners or people at the intermediate level of Rogaining. The video is long (52 min) and that therefore I made numerous chapters using time stamps in YouTube. You don’t have to watch from start to finish – you can skip to topics that interest you.

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