16th European 24-hour Rogaining Championships

Photo: ERC Writing on August 26, 2020. I participated this past weekend in the 16th European 24-hour Rogaining Championships with Matti V. in Latvia. The competition was moved from June to August because of COVID-19. Interestingly, the Covid statistics in Latvia are actually better (meaning lower) than in Finland. Suzanne's excellent mask handiwork in a... Continue Reading →

Pallas 160km DNF Post-Mortem

Image: portent.com Note: Edited a few hours later to include comments on tapering. On July 10, I had my first opportunity to run 160 kilometers (100 miles) in 2020. Unfortunately, I dropped at 90km in a depressed state of self-pity and some physical anguish. My route is available here at Strava. This post discusses what... Continue Reading →

Markkasen Maraton

Running in the heat and humidity through majestic and challenging terrain with map in hand... Let me tell you about the Markkasen Maraton hosted by the Blister Brothers. Race report below. Photo: Jaakko Lehto On Saturday morning, June 13, 2020 I traveled from Turku to a village called Röykkä in Nurmijärvi, a region north east... Continue Reading →

Nuuksio Talvipäivä 6 hr Rogaining 2020

Photo: Tobias Jern On Saturday, March 7, 2020 I woke up early, packed my bags, and walked to Prisma, the local grocery store, to meet my friends, Jaakko, Esa, and Teemu. We all piled into Esa's station wagon just after 7.00 am to travel to Nuuksio Talvipäivä 6 hour Rogaining contest in Nuuksio National Park,... Continue Reading →

Karhunkierros 100 miler – 2016

Race Report Karhunkierros 160 km My first 100 miler! This is a lengthy post, please don’t read it. What a pain in the a$$ that was! Actually, it was more of an acute pain that pulsed throughout my entire body. In particular, my toenails and feet are in a bad way. Both big toenails detached.... Continue Reading →

Oman by UTMB 2019

Oman by UTMB 2019 In November 2019 I participated in the inaugural 170km of Oman by UTMB. Though the 170km was a new event, the actual organization returned for its second year after hosting a successful series of events in 2018, the longest race being 130 km. Spoiler alert, I only completed the 130km race... Continue Reading →

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