Karhunkierros 166km Race Report 2023

Photo: Samuli Tiainen My race this year went better than ever. I finished in 4th place and made my fastest time/personal best on the course 22:29:53. This was my 6/6 completion of this event. For a review of the first five, see this post. Official results from 2023 at this link. GPS tracking from 2023... Continue Reading →

Jeremy Palmer’s 2022 in review

Photo: Jarmo Koskela. Nummela Backyard (Big's Satellite) in October 2022 This year has been a year to remember (and forget?)! I got a few nasty viruses, missed my traditional 100 miler in May, had many concerns about my right hamstring, but also had a few successes along the way. 2022 Top Results 1st Kainuu Trail... Continue Reading →

Salpaus Rogaining 12 hour in 2022

Quick note: If you don't read this whole report, make sure you at least see the highlights: (1) the bridge comparison photos and then (2) watch the video I linked to. We actually registered for the 12 hour Salpaus Rogaining event in 2019 but it was cancelled two years in row. Finally on April 23,... Continue Reading →

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